RM Gallery

Portraits of RM

Sept. 12, 2021, Happy Birthday, Kim Nam-joon!

To celebrate the birthday of BTS leader Kim Nam-joon (RM), we have curated portraits of RM from artists around the world in a 3D virtual gallery. There is also a social space where you can meet with other Army. This is a non-profit endeavour so please be respectful of the art and do not redistribute without proper attribution. The experience works best with Chrome or Firefox browsers on a desktop or laptop computer (images may not show up properly on a phone or tablet). The site will ask you to grant permission to use a camera and mic- this is because there are rooms that allow you to video chat with other fans. You can always turn off your camera/mic but you have to initially give the site permission to access your camera in order to enter.

As with any museum, only 1000 guests are permitted at the same time. Please come back later if the exhibit is full.

Update (9/9): Moni has been added to the photobooth! Please help share this site on social media with #rmgallery #rmbirthdaygallery

(9/10): RM Theater has been added- watch a YouTube video of the evolution of RM raps!

(9/13): Thank you all for making this event a huge success!

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